Golfballs for everyone

     Golfballs are great for carving as well as for hitting. I make little funnies as well as Christmas Ornaments.  Of course after I carve them they don't fly quite as well or as far. Do you know someone that's a golfer? Have you ever needed a unique gift for a friend, your Doctor, Dentist, Barber, Banker, Brother or Sister, the list goes on and on.  This may be just the item you are looking for and the price is right. I hope you enjoy my goofballs. An order blank is on the Santa page.

   Here are some examples that are for sale. These are real Golfballs with solid rubber cores. They are mounted on a wooden base.

I also make ceiling fan pulls out of the funny face golfballs .


#1  Tee Shot $10.00

#2  Hole 'n One $10.00

P000126.jpg (135982 bytes)

P000127.jpg (155877 bytes)

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